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Vacuum accessories

Cleanliness that rocks!

Even if you try to make sure your home is filled with as few dust catchers as possible, there’s always dust hiding somewhere... you just can’t avoid vacuuming. However, you can make it much easier. How?

Xavax accessories turn vacuuming into a dance through your home.

Xavax offers a complete range of accessories for vacuum cleaners. From nozzles, brushes and vacuum bags to motor protection filters and organisers, every product is designed to simplify vacuuming and improve vacuum quality.

Nozzles and brushes

Nozzles and brushes

for all kinds of floors
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Motor filters

Motor filters

for exhaust and protecting the motor
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Vacuum cleaner bags

Vacuum cleaner bags

guarantee full vacuum power
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are the perfect connector pieces
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Nozzles and brushes

keep dust at bay

Various carpet and rug types

There are many different kinds of rugs and carpeting. Xavax has just the right nozzle and brush for any variety. You’ll have no trouble getting the dust and dirt off of any floor.

Parquet floors

Sensitive floors such as expensive parquet need to be cleaned well and with care. With special natural hair fibres, parquet nozzles from Xavax are especially gentle and scratch-free.

Car seats and upholstered furniture

We provide special products specifically for the fiddly cleaning of upholstery and car seats. Whether it’s fabric or leather upholstery, dust and even sticky animal hair don’t have a chance.

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Motor filters

prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner

If you use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the floor, you assume that it really removes everything. While a good amount of dirt ends up in the bin or vacuum bag, there are still fine microparticles caused by vacuuming which circulate in the air.

A special fleece filter protects the motor from dirt particles and foreign matter and prevents wear and tear.

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Vacuum cleaner bags

keep dust in check with maximum filtering power

Vacuum bags can be removed completely without creating any dust or dirt, thus offering people with allergies an added advantage. Xavax offers perfectly fitted vacuum bags made of effective micro-multifleece material for many different models. Every bag is a match!

Anti-Filters 99.9% of fine dust particles and allergens

Prevents the formation of germs and mould

Neutralises unpleasant odours thanks to a special layer made of patented fleece

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Organiser bases

provide the vacuum with its own stylish spot in your flat

Usually you can find room in the pantry or kitchen cabinet for all your cleaning supplies, but your vacuum cleaner needs a home too. Xavax offers the perfect solution: the stable organiser base made of aluminium!

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Tidy organisation for accessories: holders on the base

No slipping or scratching: silicone padding on the bottom of the base

Simple, concealed cabling ideal for recharging the vacuum cleaner’s battery

Conclusion:Vacuum cleaners allow you to clean not only carpet, laminate and tiles, but also upholstery, furniture and the inside of your car. Vacuum cleaner accessories from Xavax ensure that you get the job done quickly and effectively, leaving you more time for the important things!