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Water filters

Tap water? Clean water!

About 66 percent of all Germans regularly drink water from the tap. And with good reason, because our tap water has a top quality. Thanks to strictest controls, it repeatedly receives the test mark "very good".

It is also worth it financially: for 4.99 euros, which is roughly equivalent to a crate of mineral water (12 bottles of 0.75 l each), you get 2,495 litres of tap water in comparison. This is usually enough for 5.3 years (source: Federal Statistical Office). Last but not least, dispensing with mineral water is good for the environment, as the production of bottles requires the use of chemicals, adhesives and energy.

Anyone who is still concerned about microparticles in tap water should read on.

The Xavax water filters minimise the concentration of lime and other harmful substances in tap water, such as lead or copper. Ion-exchange resins and activated carbon in the filter cartridge produce the desired effect: clear, soft water that is healthy to drink.

Did you know?

The hardness of water from German taps is, on average, 16 dGH° – twice as high as the standard value of 8 dGH*!

Heavy metals, such as copper, lead and nickel, are also present in the water to a low degree, and are harmful to health in the long term.

All these substances reduce tap water quality, which is why, all too often, people resort to water from environmentally harmful plastic bottles.

* The degree of general hardness measures the proportion of calcium oxide in tap water; 1 dGH° is equal to 10 mg of calcium oxide per litre of water.

Your benefits

Filtered tap water tastes noticeably better – whether you drink it pure, or use it for your coffee or tea. In addition, it ensures that household appliances with water tanks operate flawlessly. But don’t think only of kitchen appliances; your clothing iron will also benefit from water with low lime content.

Help the environment and save yourself the cost of the plastic bottles. Instead, enjoy filtered water from your very own tap.

Our tip

If you are not yet using a water filter and have to tackle limescale build-up on household appliances, you can find information on our extensive range of cleaning and descaling products here.