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What's in the Box

- 3 "Coffeeduck" espresso capsules
- Operating instructions

Technical Specs

Material Plastic Material
Diameter 3.7 cm
Height 2.7 cm
Product Division Kitchen & Household
Food-Safe Yes
Suitable for Nespresso
Suitable for Coffee
Suitable for Dishwashers Yes
Set Contents in Pieces 3

Note for Consumers

The "Coffeeduck" espresso capsule is not suitable for the following Nespresso Krups devices with a one-pin notch: F897, F896, F893 (machines made before 2003) and not for machines with automatic capsule feed and only for machines which have been manufactured since October 2010.
This series can be recognized by:
1. A ribbed capsule feed cylinder
2. The original capsules are dented at the side (bottom) after having been used in the machine.

An optimal result is achieved if you use coffee which has been roasted for espresso preparation (standard filter coffee is not suitable).
The coffee should be ground very finely, grain size: 0.2 mm. Press the coffee flour firmly into the capsule afterwards.
It would be optimal if one cup of espresso passed through in approximately 20 to 25 seconds. That way, you will get a nice crema.