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Sustainability concerns us all

It is important to us that we act with foresight and responsibility, as this is the prerequisite for sustainability. In order to actively contribute to the preservation of our planet, we attach great importance to helping others to make their everyday lives more sustainable. This attitude is just as important to us. On this page you will find everything you need to know about sustainability.

As a company, we also play our part

Not only do we want to focus more on sustainability at product level, but we also want to make our contribution as a company. Whether on a small or large scale.

Video chats

We use video chats for many of our meetings. This saves travelling between our buildings and also some business trips.

Short distances

Departments that work together a lot are also located close to each other. This means that many routes at the site can be travelled on foot.

Solar energy

Our roofs are equipped with modern photovoltaic systems. These cover 94% of our electricity consumption, saving 262,100 kg of CO₂ per year.

Plastic reduction

Wherever possible, we do without plastic. The canteen, for example, only offers drinks in glass bottles and everyone can fill their own water from the water dispensers.

Sustainable products and packaging

Our environment is also very important to Xavax. We pay particular attention to the sustainability of packaging and products as an important contribution to the preservation of our natural resources.

Plastic-free - pure cardboard packaging

The packaging is made of more sustainable paper, cardboard or carton. No plastic is used for the packaging.

Packaging from demonstrably recycled sources

The packaging consists of at least 50% recycled raw materials and is supported by corresponding certificates and evidence. Secondary raw materials from material recycling are used, e.g. from the collection of used plastic packaging from local waste collection systems or from the collection of waste paper and cardboard.

Recycled product materials

At least 20 % resource- and climate-friendly recycled product materials are used for production. The materials also come from secondary raw materials, which are obtained, for example, from the recycling of plastic, metal or glass waste.


Ultimately, it's the overall package that counts! Our special eco-friendly label is only awarded to Xavax products that reliably fulfil a variety of different sustainability criteria. Within Xavax, our sustainability catalogue comprises eleven categories and a total of 30 very different individual criteria. In addition to environmental aspects, special social human rights criteria that our production partners must fulfil are also taken into account.

BPA-free - product without bisphenol A

The product is free from bisphenol A (BPA) and is made from materials that do not contain this harmful chemical.

Making everyday life more sustainable with Xavax

Sustainable living doesn't have to be complicated. With Xavax products, you can start small and make a big difference.

No matter whether it's the first cup of filter coffee in the morning, which is poured over our permanent coffee filter, or baking biscuits with the help of our permanent baking mat. We also offer drinking bottles and lunch boxes for travelling to avoid unnecessary disposable waste.