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What's in the Box

- 1 condenser box
- 1 exhaust air hose
- 2 cable ties
- 1 container for ice

Technical Specs

Colour White
Product Division Kitchen & Household
Shade of colour White
Material Plastic Material
Size 28.5 x 23,5 x 23 cm

Note for Consumers

Only if the dryer air cools off, the water vapour condenses in the condenser box

Please observe the following points:
Pull out the hose completely.
If possible, place the condenser box on a cold surface, e.g. floor, bathtub, etc.
Air the room that the dryer exhaust air does not heat up the air of the room which would prevent condensation.
Fill about 700 ml cold water in the cup and let the water freeze in the freezer.
Put the frozen cup (with lid downward) in the condenser box and start the dryer.
The condenser box does not function if no exhaust air cooling takes place as the room air is too high.
Do not use in too small or non-ventilated rooms - otherwise moisture condenses in the room.