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What's in the Box

- 1 LED tube
- 1 dummy starter
- 1 instruction manual

Technical Specs

Colour Reproduction Index RA (min.) 80
Light Colour Neutral White
Beam angle 200 °
Colour Consistency 3 ≤
Colour-tuneable light source No
Connected light source (CLS) No
EAR Reg.No. DE 38720470
Energy consumption in on-mode 18 kWh/1000h
Energy Efficiency Class A to G E
Flicker for LED and OLED MLS 0 <
Frequency 50 Hz
High luminance light source: No
L70B50 lifetime for LED and OLED light sources 15000 h
LED light source replaces a fluorescent light source 36 W
Lighting technology used LED Lamp
Light source Non-directiona
Lumen maintenance factor (LED/OLED) 93 %
On-mode power (Pon): 18 W
Operating Voltage (AC) 230 V
R9 colour rendering index value 14
Shift factor for Pon (min.) 0.869
Stroboscopic effect for LED and OLED MLS 0
Survival factor (for LED and OLED) 0.9
Useful luminous flux (Φ360) 2160 lm
Can be Dimmed No
Colour Temperature 4000 K
Cooling Element/Housing Glass
Design / Diameter / Height Röhrenlampe T 8 / 28 mm / 1200 mm
IP protection class IP20 (Dry Rooms)
Lamp socket G 13
Operating Position 360 °
Optimal Ambient Temperature 25 °C
Net Weight 172 g
Lamp Current 133 mA
Recommendations for Recycling Recycling Depot or Collection Point
Bulb Serves as Replacement for Standard Bulbs of This Size Fluorescent Tube
Suitable for Accent Lighting No - Beam Angle between 120° and 360° (Φuse)

Note for Consumers

Only for private use and not for long-term commercial use
Only for use in individual switching (lights have their own starter for each fluorescent tube)
Not suitable for electronic ballasts (lights without starters)

CLB = Conventional Loss Ballast, the most widespread system
LLB = Low Loss Ballast
EB = Electronic Ballast

Any changes to the wiring should only be carried out by qualified electricians. Incorrect installation could result in injury or damage to property.
Before carrying out any conversion work, ensure that there is no voltage.
Any defects due to incorrect installation are not covered by the warranty.
In addition to the power consumption of the LED tubes, CLBs that have not been disconnected/bypassed in particular have a high and unnecessary power loss and can cause high voltage peaks. Voltage peaks reduce the service life of the tubes. The disconnection/bypass must only be carried out by a qualified electrician.
Power loss in LLBs is considerably lower and so disconnection/bypass is not so important.

If a light that has been converted to LED tubes is fitted with fluorescent tubes once again, a fluorescent tube starter will need to be refitted. Every light that has been converted to LED tubes should feature a warning notice next to the starter.

The overall efficiency and light distribution is determined not just by the characteristics of the LED tubes, but also by the construction and characteristics of the lights.