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Always in the right light with Xavax

Whether the customer requires LED or halogen technology, special lamps or grow lamps – Xavax puts everything in the right light for every application. The brand offers a well-thought-out and varied product range with various shapes, power ratings and colour temperatures. Often, however, customers find the large selection of bulbs overwhelming: Which light do I need in my living area, which in the office? How much wattage do I need? What does lumen or kelvin tell me?

Here you will find a summary of the important things to know when buying bulbs.

Area of application

Living/sleeping area

Warm, subtle light with good colour rendering creates a pleasant atmosphere of well-being.

Office, basement, bathroom

Cool, bright light promotes concentration and also provides sufficient lighting for areas with little natural light.

Kitchen, highlighting

Bright spot illumination is useful above the kitchen worktop, but is also suitable for lighting up ovens, refrigerators, display cabinets or similar display objects.

  • LED

    93% of all German households have at least one LED bulb in use. 20% of them exclusively use LED bulbs. It is not only because of the energy savings that people prefer LEDs nowadays. To a large extent, it is also because of the varied possible uses and the super-long life span of up to 50,000 hours.

    Source: Study entitled ‘Do you use LED bulbs in your household?’ by Statista

    Besides simple LED bulbs, filament bulbs (also known as Edison bulbs) are becoming increasingly popular. They combine the vintage look of the old incandescent bulb with the benefits of LED technology. Here, it is all about aesthetics and lighting atmosphere, which is why this variant is great for living areas such as the living room and bedroom.

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  • Halogen

    The halogen lamp is still a good choice for areas to be lit with light similar to natural light. It can be easily dimmed and has a particularly good colour rendering index of Ra 100. This bulb is ideal for the kitchen, dining area, hallway or bathroom.

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  • Special lamps

    Appliances such as the oven or refrigerator also need interior lighting. For such special cases, we offer suitable lamps that are less sensitive to temperature.

  • Grow lamps

    Plants in the office or hallway create a homely atmosphere. But often they don’t get enough daylight here, and sooner or later they die. Our grow lamps ensure that plants have a long, healthier life.

Condensed guide

The packaging assists in finding the right bulb

  1. Power in watts: The LED power in watts is equivalent here to a 60-watt incandescent bulb rating. Both values are given for comparison.
  2. Output in lumens: The light output of an LED is typically given in lumens. To aid understanding, it is compared here with the power in watts.
  3. Light colour: Colour temperature is given in kelvin and is classified into three levels:
    • < 3300 K = warm white
    • 3300 – 5300 K = neutral white
    • > 5300 = daylight white
  4. Fitting: Holds the bulb in place in the lamp and supplies it with the correct voltage. Examples of common fittings are E14 and E27.
  5. Lighting technology: LED or halogen technology is used for today’s lighting
  6. Colour rendering: Is given in Ra and describes similarity to a general reference light. The best, most natural Ra value is 100 and is comparable to the colour rendering of sunlight.