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Good hygiene for fully automatic and capsule coffee machines

As good as the cappuccino might taste, it would turn your stomach to know what’s going on inside inadequately cleaned machines. Limescale negatively affects the flavour of the coffee – and also the longevity of the machine, as metal parts and seals corrode. So regular descaling of your coffee machine is key for continuing to enjoy it. Xavax has a large selection of descaling agents, such as the premium descaler, which is efficient and gentle on the machine.

Milk also leaves traces of bacteria in the machine and its hoses. That’s why automatic coffee makers need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly – for example, with our special cleaner for all parts that come into direct contact with the coffee, or with our cleaner for milk frothing devices. The Mini and Midi cleaning sets come with 6 and 10-mm brushes for milk hoses. Ideally, however, the milk hose should be replaced regularly.